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Jeff Lisath Basketball Inc. was created in 1979 in Portsmouth, Ohio. The initial purpose was to give at-risk youth a positive alternative to "street life."


Jeff Lisath, founder, Executive Director and CEO of JLB found through research that kids with idle time, low self-esteem, and have demonstrated behavioral problems often turn to crime, drugs, violence and gangs, becoming permanent threats to the community.

 In 1998, our Mission evolved to using the game of basketball to make a significant impact on student success in the classroom. To accomplish this we hold our kids to certain academic requirements to participate. Our Vision is to meet the needs of our students and their families so they can focus on student achievement. Our Values are to increase team, school and community accountability through prayer, charity, and special events to build lifelong loving relationships with those we touch.

We are a 501 c nonprofit organization that is supported by our own funds or charitable donations. 100% of all donations goes directly to students, families and charitable events.



The objective of the JLB's Social Service programming is to educate kids on the physical, developmental, and psychological affects of alcohol and other commonly abused substances. To assist kids with their development and enhancement of life skills.




Sharing Scriptures that motivate the kids to live a meaningful, productive, and happy life while inspiring them to strive for excellence and character in living. Each session starts with a thought-provoking quote, supplying participants with Godly insight on numerous topics vital to life. You will find familiar and unfamiliar quotes covering subjects as career achievement, excellence, character, and integrity in living, the importance of relationships, and finding real success in life. A Scripture is included after each quote, so the kids can understand what God's Word, has to say about the topic. This is a Christian based organization.




This is a random, yet annual event that takes place during the summer months. The ultimate goal is to use basketball as a platform for ministry. Jeff invites fellow Christian athletes from all levels to come in and share what they have learned through life and how God has directed their paths. Starting with his testimony, Jeff will draw kids in and then challenge them on the court. We give out free T-shirts and basketballs! Pro and College athletes have participated over the years to make this a huge success.


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