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This educational experience allows athletes to learn by being directly involved in the observation, contemplation, and practice of what it means to be a “Responsible Athlete." The practical application and further development of being a “Responsible Athlete” are encompassed within a specified time frame under the direct guidance of Jeff's leadership as a mentor.


The athlete will engage in regular meetings with the mentor for guidance, evaluation, and spiritual development. Jeff requires each athlete to read three books and prepare to discuss how they relate the books to their lives as an athlete in the spotlight.


The athlete will keep a journal of their own experiences, learning activities, and observations throughout the specified time frame, which can conclude after a year or may continue throughout their careers.



Upon completion of this program the athlete will be able to:


  1. Apply knowledge of responsibility, have core values, character and leadership (as a result of learning through observing the example of the mentor who makes himself accessible to the athlete).

  2. Integrate principles relationally with teammates (this involves working with others in a team situation, and learning how to adapt one’s role to accomplish high goals and expectations).

  3. Appraise personal readiness to be a role model, possessing adequate knowledge, competencies, and spiritual development which will make the athlete more effective in being a “Responsible Athlete."

  4. Identify personal natural abilities and evaluate their work ethic and its effectiveness (this will come as a result of the mentor aiding the athlete in the discovery, confirmation and or development of his natural abilities).

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